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Available Puppies and Upcoming Litters


On occasion we will have a couple of Australian Bernedoodle litters with our two Australian Bernedoodle mamas. 

*To hold your reservation spot, Honeybee Lane requires a $500.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit.

This deposit may be rolled over to ONE other litter with availability if your first litter of choice does not have what you desire.

*Remaining Balance will be due the DAY BEFORE going home.


*All PAYMENTS are made through Square and invoice will be sent directly to you the day before your new family member leaves.


* Please note that below are either Honeymooned/Confirmed/or PLANNED future breedings. We could possibly skip heats that do not have deposits or due to other instances out of our control, a pairing may be subject to change, the breeding may not be able to occur, or a pregnancy may sadly not be confirmed. IF this is to happen, families on that list will be notified and allowed to stay if just a stud change or move to another litter at that time and it will not count toward your rollover litter.


* Breeder always get the right to ANY puppy in EVERY litter, at ANY time.


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