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The Australian Bernedoodle

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(NOTE: There is absolutely NO AUSSIE in the Australian Bernedoodle Breed)



An Australian Bernedoodle from Honeybee Lane is a cross between either and F1b,F2 or Multigen Bernedoodle, (Bernese/Poodle)with a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle(Cocker Spaniel/Labrador Retriever/Poodle). These generations combined together create a non-shedding coat with amazing furnishings and color, without compromising the temperament we all love from each of these specific breeds. You may say this is a combination thriving to create ONE PERFECT DOG. Trust me when I say, the Australian Bernedoodle was not created by accident. 

Color traits- Colors of the ABD can come in many different varieties depending on the parents genetics. At Honeybee Lane Doodles we specialize in Classic black/chocolate Tri Color, Roan Phantom Tuxedo, Roan Phantom Parti, Phantom Parti. As well as Red and White tuxedo and red and white parti. 


Coat- Since ABDs are further down the line from the labrador retriever and the Bernese mountain dog part of the generation, there is less chance of getting the Lab coat/Bernese coat, and more chance of getting the poodle coat. But, with using multigenerational parents with less curl and great furnishings, the ABD coat generally is straight/wavy, fleece Furnished and very low to non-shedding. They are very easily maintainable, unlike the very curly poodle or the shedding BMD/Labrador Retriever. This makes them not only easier to maintain but also better for people with asthma and allergies. 

Size- Honeybee Lane specializes in Mini(20-34 pounds), Large Mini (35-45 Pounds) and Medium (46-55 Pounds) size Australian Bernedoodles.


Temperament- As a result of this cross, the carefully bred ABD show the most desirable traits of all of these incredible breeds, while breeding out the undesireable traits, such as a the stubborness of some of the Bernedoodles. ABD are wonderful with small children, the elderly and anywhere in between. They are lovable, goofy, very trainable and extremely intellegent. All while being okay to just snuggle on the couch for a family movie night. 


Intelligence and Trainablity- ABDs very smart dogs that catch on to things very quickly.Their intelligence, loyalty, and desire to please their family makes them very easy to train. ABDs are ambitious with a good working drive, which makes them excellent guide dogs, therapy dogs and ESA's.

More consistency in the breed line- Because this breed comes from further down the generation line than, for instance, F1 Labradoodle or F1 Bernedoodle, its easier for breeders to predict certain characteristics that might be found in a litter. Including temperament and coat/color characteristics. 


Life span- Despite the BMD having a shorter than normal life span of around 6-8 years, Australian Bernedoodles can live anywhere from 12-18 years. 

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