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Honeybee Lane Doodles
Forever Family Guardian Program Agreement

The Guardian Program at Honeybee Lane Doodles is put in place to ensure that all of our dogs have the best life possible with a one time, forever family from the very start of their life to the very end of their life. Thank YOU for choosing to be a part of this wonderful program and a part of OUR family. We look forward to working with you!

Dylan Bowin-Honeybee Lane Doodles


Below are the simple terms for our "Forever Families Guardian Program" if you have any questions please feel free to message us below. 


The intent of this agreement is to provideGuardian with a guardian dog at no purchase price in order for breeder, Honeybee Lane Doodles, to include dog in Honeybee Lane Doodles breeding Program.

Ownership of said dog remains the property of the breeder, Dylan Bowin,  until Honeybee Lanes licensed veterinarian deems unable to breed. At that time, said dog will be spayed/neutered at the expense of the breeder and ownership will be transferred from the breeder to the guardian home. Breeder has the right to breed back to back litters.
If guardian has a female, they will be compensated $500.00
 once the females litter is sold. If guardian has a male, they will be compensated $100.00  after litter is sold, sired to ONLY Honeybee Lane Doodles females.    

Female and male: if said dog is in good health according to Honeybee Lanes licensed veterinarian,dog may be bred until noted otherwise by Honeybee Lanes licensed veterinarian. Guardian does not have the right to deny these requests.

  1. Provide housebreaking by the age of 9 months.

  2. Keep the dog accustomed to periods of time in the crate. (dog is not required to sleep in the crate)

  3. Provide adequate exercise daily, not allowing the dog to become overweight, in order to protect hips from hip dysplasia.

  4. Provide basic command training such as, "here", "sit", and will discourage jumping up on people.

  5. Dog must be contained in a fenced in area when left alone outside.

  6. Dog must be fed an approved dog food and can NOT be grain free. If you choose to feed a food other than what the breeder feeds, you are responsible for sending food when dog is in breeders care.

  7. Provide vet care as needed, including vaccinations, deworming, parasite control, and emergency vet expenses. All of these are at the guardians expense.

  8. Deliver said dog to Breeder or meet Breeder upon request with a 24 hour notice for breeding purposes. This includes but is not limited to, testings and breedings. Guardian may be asked to take said dog to appointment themselves.

  9. Keep said dog free of fleas, ticks and other parasites.

  10. Keep said dog on a dewormer at all times. Including heartworm.

  11. Allow breeder access to said dog with a 24 hour notice.

  12. Contact breeder immediately in the event of serious illness or accident, including severe diarrhea, loss of appetite, excessive vommiting etc. Emergencies are to be discussed with breeder immediately and a text message is to be sent with the information, including a consent from breeder for files if breeder is not present.

  13. Notify breeder in the event of any absences or vacations out of the area in advance and said dog must be place with Honeybee Lane Doodles or approved friend/family member while absent.

  14. Send copy of all vet visits and vaccinations/medications (including dewormer/flea and tick)to breeder upon regular scheduled vet visits 

  15. Said dog must be placed with breeder while in heat. Unless otherwise discussed.

  16. Agrees to keep said dog away from floor or ground of public areas such as, pet stores, dog parks, parks, groomer, and vet office floors until all vaccinations are complete (approximately 16 weeks) This is to prevent parvo and deadly puppy diseases.

  17. Keep said dog well socialized with other dogs and people of all ages.

  18. Drop off or allow breeder to pick said dog one week prior to whelping date and allow said dog to stay with breeder until all puppies are weaned (typically 8 weeks)

  19. Inform breeder at first sign of heat.

  20. Meet with breeder at least once every 2-3 mo to keep said dog familiar with breeder.

  21. Allow breeder to use any/all photos of family with said dog for advertisement purposes.

  22. Guardian will not take to social media in the case of any conflict. All issues will be brought to only the attention of the breeder so a resolution may occur.

  23. Guardian has no ownership or interest in any puppies produced by said dog.

  24. Guardian agrees to never spay/neuter said dog without written permission from the breeder.

  25. Said dog must be kept away from other intact dogs of the opposite sex.

  26. Said dog must not live with any intact dogs of the opposite sex.

  27. During the life of said dog, guardian may return dog to breeder at anytime if guardian can no longer care for dog.

  28. Guardian agrees to never re-home said dog and agrees to never place said dog in a pound or rescue.

  29. If raising litters, be able to take video and photos once a week, on the same day, every week, for 8 weeks.

(ask breeder about raising guardian dog litter information if this is something you are interested in)


Should said dog die of natural or pure accidental causes(necropsy will be performed by Honeybee Lane Doodles vet) while in guardian or breeders care, this agreeance is terminated and no compensation will be given to the breeder.
At anytime the breeder finds non-compliance of this agreement, neglect or for any other reason the breeder feels the need to do so,  this agreement terminates and possession of the said dog shall immediately return to the breeder.



  1. Provide guardian with a healthy puppy/dog

  2. Pay all vet costs pertaining to pregnancy/whelping. This includes progesterone testing, pregnancy ultrasound etc.

  3. Pay for spay/neuter at the completing of this agreement or when breeder deems the dog unable to be an asset to the program.

  4. Female: Pay $500.00 after litter is sold

  5. Male: Pay $100.00 per litter after litter sells

  6. If raising a guardian dog litter, ask breeder for specific information

    1. $250.00 per puppy in litter/up to $1000 per litter

    2. ask breeder for specific instruction and training(all equipment, vet etc is paid for by breeder and will be over to guardian house frequently)

Forever Family
Guardian Application

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