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What's Included

My Loyal Hound Training Program

Online E-Training by Andrea (Dre)

We have become an affiliate of My Loyal Hound! Dre is a professional dog trainer that works directly with with clients to ensure their puppy is transitioning into their home with ease!

THE BEST PART.... We have our very own DISCOUNT CODE for you to receive $30.00 OFF! 


We microchip every puppy with a fiNano microchip. A QR code is sent home in your puppy's packet to assure easy activation.

Wellness Exam
and Vaccinations

Our Puppies are seen by our licensed veterinarian at 7 weeks of age and  come with a full vaccination record 


Our puppies are dewormed starting at 2 weeks of age, every 2 weeks, until they go home to their new families.


Our puppies start getting used  to the full grooming experience, including a high velocity dryer, starting at 4 weeks of age. Our puppy grooming consist of weekly baths, nail trims, trimming around the puppies eyes and ears, around the paws and a sanity trim. 


We start ENS/ESI at 3 days old and continue on until day 16. ENS is used to expose puppies to exercises that help aid in their development, resilience and coping mechanisms. ESI is used to enhance their ability to identify, and react to, specific scents.

Our puppies start getting socialized to small children, other adults, other dogs and all new experiences at a very early age. They are handled everyday by adults and very small children and allowed to play with other puppies/Dogs here at Honeybee Lane after they have their first vaccination. We have a very large turf play area for them to play in with our kiddos, equipped with all kinds of toys, activities and obstacles to assure we are sending home confident, socialized  puppies.

30 day Free
Trupanion Insurance

The 30 day FREE Truepanion Insurance is included in your purchase of your new puppy. You MUST call and start your new plan within 24 hours  of receiving your new family member!

(You will be able to cancel at any point after the 30 free days)


Use the Code: BR1HB12721 

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